Hand picked fine furnishings

Fine Furnishings

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Unique feature walls and artistic elements

Unique Features

Stairwells, and closets can be dull and drab, but they don't have to be. Let us incorporate your dream to transform a staircase into a unique transition from one area of your home to another.

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Elegant household plumbing and fixtures

Elegant Fixtures

Taps and sinks, towel racks and toiletries. We can bring beauty elegance, comfort, and color to any space to transform any room from a plain space to a great place.

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Want a Special Space for a Family Member?

Whether your adult child needs a great space in your home while they go to college or university or your parents need a great place to retire close to the grandkids, we will help you build the perfect place for them to live within your home.

remodel your basement with a mother-in-law suite

Vertical Accents for Style and Flare

Flat walls can look plain and drab, we add dimension, depth and interest to your rooms. Whether it be a simple built-in bookshelf, a fireplace, a window seat or an alcove, we have the right accents to bring out the character in any room.

home interior - vertical accent

Lighting, Furniture, Coverings and Tile

No matter what your tastes are or what you like for colour or texture, we have just the right ideas to make your space unique and specifically suited for you. We have access to suppliers for all types of interior elements that allow us to give you great pricing, and tremendous style, to suit your budget.

renovating your home? let us select the best fit for lighting, furniture, coverings and and tile

Special Places to Relax and Rest

Need a place to read a book, sit and bird watch, or to enjoy tea, coffee, or a glass of wine? We can create a get away space to recline and take in a good book or to kick up your feet and rest easy.

build in special places in your home to Relax and Rest